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XiaoJin Machinery, a specialist of meat processing machines, is qualified with modern and advanced equipments. We have digital lathes, vertical processing center, high precision processing system and 3-D contact measuring machine, etc., mainly manufacture meat processing machinery, including meat filler, clipper, slicer, frozen meat flakers, meat grinder, meat cutter, mixer, saline injector, tenderizer, vacuum tumbler and smokehouse etc. XiaoJin Machinery,with ISO9001:2000 quality management system CE certificates for some of our machines, and a group of intelligent hard-working people, gains world-wide markets in Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Venezuela and South Africa, etc. We achieve high reputation among our customers. XiaoJin Machinery, we are your reliable partner. XiaoJin Machinery is expecting more cooperations with all his customers in China and all over the world.

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