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1.       CQD350 Vegetable Dicer slices the vegetable to slips stimutaneously with small cubes, work efficiency is enormously increased.


2.       Easy operation and reasonable design make CQD350 slice the vegetables such as potatoes, chinese cabbage, fruits to slips and cubes more easily.


3.       The cutting parts of CQD350 operates in high speed, it dices the vegetables rapidly, the vegetables can keep up moisture.


4.       CQD350 Vegetable Dicer is with high speed cutting function, the maximum production capacity can reach to 1500 /hour.


5. The CQD350 Vegetable Dicer wholly adopted SUS304 stainless steel which qualified with International food hygiene standards. The whole surface is treated by grit blasting and wire drawing which makes the machine in top grade.


6. The design of CQD350 measures up reach CE standards. It equipped with emergency shut down and automatic protection system. The machine can only start on the condition of the layoff of the safety cover and front door, the interlock system is perfect.


7.       The whole machine is composed of knives, transmission system and electric control system. Surface of the machine is treated by special techniques so it featured by beautiful color and smooth angles, waterproof and easy to clean up.


8.       The crucial transmission and control parts adopted imported elements, enhanced the degree of accuracy, prolonged the service life and the machine is safe and reliable.







Producing capacity kg/h



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