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Structure: QJ160 Meat Cutter Grinder Integration is composed of feeding-in system, meat cutter system, feeding-out system and meat grinder system.


Material: The frame of the machine adopted carbon steel and it was processed by zinc. The exterior wrapper sheet and other parts of the machine adopted SUS304 stainless steel.


Principle: Protection system is available which could prevent the iron stuff inside the cutting and grinding system. Workers put the frozen meat block into the lifter, then the lifter will feed the meat in the cutting system, while finish the cutting procudure, the meat will be sent to the grinding system automatically. The working speed could be adjustable according to the quantity of the meat which need to be processed.


Feature: QJ160 Meat Cutter Grinder Integration could realize the feeding-in, frozen meat cutter, feeding-out and meat grinder one time which greatly improved work efficiency and reduced labor intensity. Only one worker needed to operate this machine.







External Dimension (mm)

Capacity (kg)









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