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1.      DMB6000 wholly adopted SUS304 stainless steel, unique design and perfect surface processing technology make the appearance beautiful and attractive.


2.      Transport in vacuum situation which effectively prevents fat oxidation and proteolysis, reduces the survival of the bacterium. It guarantees the quality guarantee period, pure luster and delicious in taste.


3.      Specially designed for long distance transport and lifting. Simple structure and low production cost.


4.      The key elements, adopted imported material and processed in the professional element-processing center, guarantee the precision of the machine. The body of pump, impeller, blade are all treated by special heat treatment which makes the machine in high degree of finish, excellent abrasion resistance and easy to clean up.

5.      Vacuum pump, elements are all famous brands imported from overseas, vacuum degree can reach to -0.1MPa.




External Dimensionmm

Power kw

Volume (L)

Vacuum Mpa

Flling Capacity kg/h

Weight kg








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