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· Meat Grinder
· Meat Tenderizer
· Vacuum dough mixing and kneader machine, bone separator
· Meat lifter/loader
· Clips、Aluminium wire
· Cutter knife sharpenner / Band saw/brine mixing machine
· laboratory equipments
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· Separator Emulsifier
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Hang intestinal Machine
DMB6000 Stuffings pump
QG04 Pneumatic Filler
QG03 Pneumatic Filler
ZG3500 Vacuum Filler
ZG6000 Vacuum Filler
ZG9000 Vacuum Filler
QG02 Pneumatic Filler

USK12 U-made Double-clipper
JSK50 Great Wall Double-clipper
DDLS Aluminum Wire Double Clipper
USK Aluminum Wire Double Clipper
LSK Pneumatic Double Clipper
CSK Great Wall Double clipper
SSK Aluminum Wire Double Clipper
CSK12 Great Wall Double clipper

QLDK Pneumatic Single Clipper
QDK Pneumatic Single-clipper
UDK Manual Single-Clipper
VDK Manual Single-Clipper
LFK Aluminium Single-Clipper
U74 Pneumatic Single-clipper

QXZ2/2 Smokehouse
DQXZ1/1 Smokehouse
DQXZ100 Smokehouse
Boiling pans

GR500 Vacuum Tumbler
GRZ2500 Refrigeration vacuum tumbler
GR2500 Vacuum Tumbler
GR1000 Vacuum Tumbler

[K]ZB200 (Vacuum)cutter
GZB200 high speed cutter
[G]ZB125 bowl cutter
ZB330 Cutter

ZJB1200 Vacuum Mixer
ZJB650 Vacuum Mixer
ZJB300 Vacuum Mixer
JB150 Meat Mixer
JBFZ (Vacuum) Mixer

ZS40 Brine Injector
SZ Brine Injector
ZS88 brine Injector

QP7470 Ham Slicer with portion
QD5120 Meat Dicer
QP6590 Slicer
QP5220/5230 Frozen Meat cutter
QP5223Frozen Meat cutter
QK5270Frozen Meat Slicer/cutter
KP6590 Loin cuter and slicer

JR130 Meat Grinder
JR200 Meat Grinder
JR120 Meat Grinder
JR82 Small meat Grinder

HN2000 Tenderizer
Nh9558 Tenderizer
RHW Emulsifier

Stuffer for thick material/Filler for Stuffing
GY750 Tumbler for fish
ZHM120/300 Vacuum dough mixing machine
GRFL Separator

HLTS Ring type
Pneumatic loader
T200 Lifter
TSJ Ring type
JXTS 200Spiral feeding machine
JXTS 300Spiral feeding machine
XXJWashing container

Great Wall Clips / Aluminium wire
XL Series of Meat Mould
Skip Car

JG200 Saw Bone Machine
JG300 Saw Bone Machine
Grinding Machine
YZ Preparation of brine

laboratory equipments
Vacuum tumble
JR Grinder
Vacuum mixer
Manual Filler
Hand Tenderizer
Hand Saline Injector
ZB80 Cutting and Mixing Machine
Stainless steel table
UDK/VDK Manual Single-clipper

WZJ Stuffings pump
JXWZ Stuffings pump
ZLDJ350 separator
DJ350 separator
JJ765 Barrel roll cutter
XXJ Washing container
WZX Eat pellet become type steam to boil the cooli
GSJJ Stuffings pump

RHW Emulsifier
GRFL Separator

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